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Born and raised in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland is my home and I want to help others set up their family roots here as well.

What is there not to love about Vancouver? From the beautiful mountains in every direction to the Pacific Ocean, the fresh air and amazing restaurants, there truly is something for everything here. But above all else, Vancouver is a great place to start and raise a family.

Before we get into the world of mortgages (my passion), let me tell you a little about myself.

The History

As with all great stories, the history is what makes it an epic tale. My story begins with my education – a business degree from SFU concentrating in finance and economics. I also completed the Canadian Securities Course, the Professional Financial Planning course, and the Mortgage Brokerage course for B.C.     School is important to me because the mortgage and financial industry is always evolving and it’s important (for me and my clients) that I stay up-to-date on everything. I spent over three years working for two of the major Canadian banking institutions as a financial advisor and have managed commercial and residential properties for six years after that.

The Community

For me, helping my community and giving back is part of my mission. I spent 10 years as a Scout Leader with Scouts Canada mentoring kids ages 8 to 10. I am an active member of our church community and I volunteer for several different programs. And now, I give back to charities, including BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre Foundation. They helped my wife and I during the birth of our first child and we are forever grateful to them for all that they did for our family.

The Family

Family is everything to me. I was married in 2013 and in 2014 our daughter was born. This is part of the reason it’s important to me to help young families be able to achieve their dreams, starting with owning a home in the Lower Mainland. As a family man and home owner myself, I understand the difficulties this great city imposes on young families, but I can also attest to how important it is to start as early as possible.

The Fun

I’m not all about business, I love to have fun too. I love playing sports (especially soccer) and going for hikes in the many parks and mountains in Vancouver, and I used to be quite the boxer (that’s a story for another time!). I also used to travel across North America competitively playing table tennis in high school. I can topspin, backspin and smash like nobody’s business.

So Why Become a Mortgage Advisor?

Well, combining everything that is important to me with my experiences in the financial sector, becoming a mortgage advisor was the next logical step. Here’s how the formula works:

Vancouver + Family + Investments + Properties = Mortgage Advisor

Plainly put, I help young families invest in the Vancouver real estate market and help them achieve their dreams of having their first (or fourth) family home. As a husband, father and son, this makes me happy and proud.

Thanks for reading,

John Lee