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Happy New Year! Read This If Paying Down Your Mortgage Faster is Your New Year's Resolution
Your Road to Mortgage FreedomDo you dream about paying off your mortgage? The new year is usually a time when people review their finances and, if they are in debt, create a plan to reduce that debt....
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The Guaranteed Way to COMPLETELY AVOID the Stress Test When Applying for a Mortgage
Are you tired of being told that you cannot borrow enough because of the stress test?Good news is there is one guaranteed way to completely avoid the stress test! Get a mortgage with a private lender....
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The Joy and Trials of My First 2 Years as a Mortgage Broker
Thank you for all your support and continuous encouragement on helping me become the Mortgage Broker I am today. Despite a slow market this year, last week, I was the recipient of, not one, but two...
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The Upside of Alternative and/or Unregulated Lenders
A recent report from the Bank of Canada reviewed the impact of the government’s policy changes on the mortgage market. It found that overall market activity had slowed -- something we knew would...
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