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Year End Review of 2018
As we wind down 2018, we can look back at the housing market and see that affordability was the big topic across Canada. We have weathered many challenges in the housing market, from gloomy...
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Separation, divorce and your mortgage
Separation and divorce can impact a family on many levels including financially. It's a stressful process for all concerned.In addition, there may be the messy business of splitting the assets,...
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BREAKING NEWS: Bank of Canada Increases Rate Today!
This morning, the Bank of Canada (BoC) raised its policy rate another 0.25% bringing the rate to 1.75%, to keep inflation under control, and further hikes are expected in the future.Payments linked to...
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Confused About Your Credit Score – You're Not Alone
Here’s a typical scenario: You and your spouse are applying for a mortgage loan. You’ve had credit for years with three or four credit cards, a car loan and a line of credit. You always pay the...
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