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Confused About Your Credit Score – You're Not Alone
Here’s a typical scenario: You and your spouse are applying for a mortgage loan. You’ve had credit for years with three or four credit cards, a car loan and a line of credit. You always pay the...
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Fun Facts with John Lee, Mortgage Broker
Where are you from originally?I was born in Vancouver, BC at St. Paul’s Hospital.What did you want to grow up to be when you were 10 years old?Growing up, my neighbor was an Air Canada pilot. I would...
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Hey John, What Do You Actually Do As A Mortgage Broker?
Generally, there are two ways to obtain a mortgage. One way is to get a mortgage directly with a bank and another is to get it through a mortgage broker. The two main differences are the mortgage...
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Rising interest rates and the housing market
There is no doubt the Canadian economy is resilient. The country has weathered a few storms since 2008, but still chugs on – somewhat flat at times, but never stagnant. Despite trade tensions,...
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